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The company traces its roots to a factory founded in 1864 for the manufacture of fuses. Already in 1933 there were up to 1000 employees in the company. After the Second World War the factory was expropriated by the Soviet occupying power and it was partly disrupted. Finally in 1948 the reconstruction of the factory took place and the production of cables restarts.

In 1990 the factory was part of the Siemens AG. In 1995 it was adopted and then the ownership changed to Kabelwerk Meissen Wilhelm Balzer GmbH. Under different names and property forms the company has developed to a today modern producer of cables and wires. Balzer Cable can call itself one of the oldest continuously cable producer in Germany.

A team of committed, experienced colleagues with creative ideas and technical competence has been a very much sought after partner in the industry regarding to the solution of a wide range of cables and wires for many years. Our extensive technical-machine equipment is situated in two production halls with roughly 20.000 m². So we are able to produce everything under one roof.

Balzer Cable produces special wires, stranded conductors (up to 1000 tons per month) and insulation materials (PVC, 6000 tons annual capacity). The continuous supervision of all process steps, demanding in-house quality guidelines and the consistent implementation of QM guidelines according to ISO 9001:2015, guarantees a constant high quality of the cable and wire products. The systematic use of resources of universities, scientific facilities and the long-time cooperation with suppliers is a natural daily routine during the development of new products. As a medium-sized company Balzer Cable is flexible enough to realize individual wishes of our clients however it also possesses the necessary resources for demanding large orders.


Our clients can expect high quality products to be produced at Balzer Kabelwerk Meissen with a good reason. To meet this claim 365 days a year Balzer Kabel has its own physicochemical laboratory, a test centre and a large quality control department. In the material laboratory the raw materials and semi-finished parts for the cable production are tested to comply with the necessary quality and quantity parameters. At the same time the laboratory forms the basis for the permanent new and further development of our products. Our test centre with extensive equipment is able to test the products according to the applicable technical directives and under practical application conditions in long-term tests. Mechanically high loaded cables are tested in the dragchain test stand (up to 35 m/s²) or in bending-torsion tests (up to 20 m cycles) for their suitability. Kabelwerk Meissen Wilhelm Balzer GmbH has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1996.


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Here you can find the link for the download of our product catalog. Of course you can also take a look at the catalog as web view as well.